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About Texas Academy

Who are we

We offer you a brighter future

Texas Academy is a diverse web portal, which brings you closer to all horizons of learning remotely! We set goals and targets that are to be met in such a way that it doesn’t burden the learners and yet is effective. We focus on building up smarter kinds who have bigger visions of this fast pace life. And catch up with the hardships in the online fields. E-learning doesn’t follow only the curriculum build but teaches kids to figure out what this digital world would be in the coming years. Preparing your child for the best is our vision.

Your gateway to success achievement 

This institution involves all learned people excelling in the field of education from all over the world, to promote E-learning. Making lives easier and education fun! Texas Academy takes teaching and learning to another level where it’s entertaining and flexible. How we work is different, and how is that? Learning is done at your own pace, YES! You heard that right. Learning hours are flexible and at your own convenience. Yet, you’re provided with the best teachers to help you just sitting at home at all times. E-learning is a whole new experience. We make specialized program seeing the child’s capabilities. The education plans are made and followed by the students and teachers are always available to help at any step.

How online learning works

E-learning with Texas Academy provides a flexible and effective alternative to traditional schooling in the GCC. Students are able to learn at a time and pace that suits them with classes based on ability, not age. Texas Academy is a fully registered online school delivering live, world-class teaching to students in their own homes.

What do we offer different?

Individualized Learning
Comprehensive Curriculum
Texas certified teachers
flexible pacing & 24/7 class access

Texas Academy learners are....

An Independent Learner

Does your student immediately turn to Google when they have a question? Maybe your student tends to read ahead in class or prefers to work alone? You’ve got an independent learner on your hands!

Self Motivated & Disciplined

Students that are motivated and self-disciplined understand how important it is to stay on track. These students will do well in Texas Academy, which offers flexible pacing.

Supported By You, The Parent

The strongest asset a student has is a supportive and engaged parent at home. Texas Academy offers resources to help parents learn the best ways to encourage their student’s online learning.

Texas academy teaches Cognia accredited courses by Edgenuity

Brookhaven, Houston Texas, United States


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What is Texas Academy?

Texas Academy is a new pathway of learning! We are a wide team of educators, spreading knowledge and making future leaders. This institution involves all learned people excelling in the

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